Creed is a perfume company with a history. Originating in the 1700s in England, it has since relocated to Paris and made a name for itself by selling high-end perfumes that are beloved by celebrities and political figures.

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Released in 2019, Aventus Cologne is beloved for its harmonious blend of citrusy, smoky, and woody scents. Though sharp and tangy, it’s a reliable and classic scent that suits almost any occasion without being overbearing. Aventus Cologne has top notes in mandarin orange and giner, middle notes in vetiver and sandalwood, and base notes in musk and tonka bean. High quality and skillfully composed, you’ll ooze as much class as Creed’s big-name clientele when you wear Aventus Cologne. The Aventus Cologne also claims reasonable longevity at up to 8+ hours. The Aventus Cologne bottle is sturdily made and sits well on the dressing table in striking shades of silver and grey.

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When purchasing from major perfume companies like Creed, you always run the risk of purchasing knock-off copies as duplicitous sellers take advantage of big brand names to peddle their goods. At Fragrance Lovers, however, we strictly only sell 100% authentic perfumes, and we go to great lengths to make sure the products you receive are the real thing.

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