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About Montale

In 2003, the Montale perfume house was founded by Pierre Montale in Paris after the founder came back from a trip to Saudi Arabia where he crafted perfumes and fragrances for regal kings and queens. This inspired Montale to create a unique amalgamation of oriental scents from the east and the west. The Montale fragrances are extremely long-lasting and are made from high-quality ingredients.

Popular Montale Products to Choose From

  • Montale Oudmazing

Montale’s Oudmazing is a sweet and fruity fragrance for both men and women that contains notes of pear, oud, fig, and orange that are intertwined with hints of grapes, jasmine, vanilla, leather, musk, bergamot, and orris creating a cheery and uplifting fragrance.

  • Montale Oud Pashima

Oud Pashima by Montale is a unisex fragrance that has a woody amber scent. A recent release in 2021, this fragrance contains notes of oud, vanilla, rose and grey musk that work together to achieve a deep and warm scent.

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