Fragrance And Body Chemistry

Fragrance And Body Chemistry


Do you know that the same perfume can smell differently on everyone? While a scent may smell nice on its own or on someone else, it may not smell the same on you. The reason is because all of us have a unique body chemistry which causes perfume scents to synergize differently on everyone’s skin. Since everyone’s skin condition is different, each fragrance will become a unique scent on different types of skin. At Fragrance Lovers, we are dedicated to helping you discover the best scent for your unique skin type. Here some factors that will influence how fragrances develop on your body.

Dry, Rough Skin

Dry skin can affect the strength of a perfume scent. When the skin is dry, the perfume scent tends to evaporate more easily, and this causes the scent to last only for a short time. However, if your skin is rough, the skin contours on your hand can trap fragrance molecules and help to retain the scent. Typically, skin that is moisturized will be able to retain fragrance for a longer duration.

Oily Skin

The oil content on our skin influences the perfume scent. Generally, perfumes develop better on skin with higher oil content and the result is often a pleasant version of the scent on the skin. Oil on the skin, otherwise known as sebum, is secreted by sebaceous glands that are found on the surface of our skin. The amount and smell of the sebum produced is in turn, affected by a variety of factors including your stress level, lifestyle choices, and even the type of food you eat. Since everyone’s sebum is unique, what you need to do is look for a perfume scent that synergizes harmoniously with your sebum makeup. You can do this by spritzing a fragrance on your body and leaving it on for at least 20 minutes. If you still love the way it smells on you 20 minutes later, you can shortlist it as one of the perfumes that works well on your skin.   

Skin pH

The pH on our skin affects the strength of the perfume scent too. The natural skin’s pH is usually slightly acidic. Skin with a lower, acidic pH allows the scent to be absorbed better. On the other hand, it is more challenging for skin with a higher, more alkaline pH to retain a scent.

Skin Temperature

Perfume fragrance notes become more intense on skin with a higher temperature. Skin temperature is not just affected by the weather; it is dependent on one’s mood too. Certain moods such as anger, will cause your body to emit more heat, thereby increasing your skin temperature and causing a scent to become more pronounced.

This also explains why we should rub perfumes on parts of our body known as hot spots –they emit more body heat. Some common spots with higher skin temperature include your temples, wrists, the back of our ears, your neck’s nape, the back of your knees and your elbow’s crease. For women, the breast cleavage is also a hot spot for applying perfume. Applying perfume on these hot spots will make a scent last longer.

Why Choose Fragrance Lovers?

Over here at Fragrance Lovers, we understand that different scents work differently on different people. Hence, we stock a wide assortment of perfume scents for both men and women to ensure that you can find the best scent for your body chemistry. If you need help to identify the perfume that works well on your skin, do not hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced staff. At Fragrance Lovers, we are always ready to help you discover your signature scent!