Perfume Scents And Personality

Perfume Scents and Personality


We often associate perfumes with physical or bodily attributes but what if you could match your perfume scent to your personality? Your signature perfume should not just match your body chemistry; it should also reflect your inner persona. Of course, no one personality can be categorized neatly into a compartment but when it comes to perfumes, there are some personality groups that have been created based on a study done on perfume customers. Can you identify with any one of the following perfume personalities?

Fresh Personality

People with the Fresh personality are a joy to be around. They enjoy the little things in life and their laughter can often be heard from a mile away. Constantly energized, they love spontaneous events and are unfazed by random occurrences. They are typically sporty and outgoing, and they express their vivacity or liveliness in bright colored clothes like yellow, green, or pink.

Fresh personalities will enjoy fragrances that remind them of Mother Nature. Scents that are close to nature may include floral scents, such as lilac, peony and freesia or even citrusy fruits that accentuates their lively nature. They may also love the scent of aromatic herbs and woody fragrances such as vetiver. Men belonging to the Fresh group may enjoy a marine scent reminiscent of clean laundry.

Air Personality

Feminine and maternal, people of the Air personality may be reserved or even dreamy. However, they often exhibit a strong artistic flair and view the world through very creative lenses. Men belonging to the Air personality may appear to be effeminate or are more sensitive and gentler than fresh personality counterparts.

Air personalities may enjoy sweet and powdery fragrances such as talcum and rice flowers, and floral scents like iris, violet, or peony. For men belonging to the Air personality, they may not like strong-smelling scents and may go for more nuanced scents with subtle notes as befitting people with creative, multi-dimensional personalities.

Earthly Personality

Earthly personalities usually belong to people who are down-to-earth. They are resilient, humble and may be honest to the point of being offensively blunt. Yet, their honesty and authenticity are what makes them a great partner in any relationships. Women in the Earthly personality category make great leaders as they are not afraid of standing up for what they believe in.

Men with the Earthly personality may opt for leathery and spicy scents while women may opt for scents of the forest like smoky fragrances or the smell of mushrooms. A robust, woody scent will likely be their go-to fragrance.

Fire Personality

For people with the Fire personality, they are truly one of a kind. Extroverted and dramatic, they have charisma in abundance and possess a magnetic personality that draws people to them. They are people whom you will likely be highly attracted to.

The scents Fire personalities go for usually include smoky scents and intense fragrances like tuberose flowers. They may also fancy sensual scents that leave an unforgettable impression on the people they come across.

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