Dumont Paris

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About Dumont Paris

Dumont was first established in Paris, located in France. It was mainly involved in manufacturing perfume products with fine fragrances. Dumont’s laboratory is based in south-western France. The founder, Nadine Petit, spent many years developing and perfecting the art of producing luxury perfumes according to its own specifications. In the end, the result is a unique range of scents inspired by warm notes of “gourmet fragrances”. Laurance Dumont launched collections of distinctive and rich EDP such as The Orchard, Traditional Vanilla, Childhood Memories and Travel Diary.

Popular Dumont Paris Products to Choose From

  • Dumont Dumax Elegant EDP

The Dumont Dumax Elegant was created to be a floral fruity unisex fragrance. It comes with notes of lemon, green ivy leaves, Mandarin orange, rose, violet, jasmine, orange blossom, amber, musk, vanilla, and woody notes.

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