Originating in 1947 in post-war France, Dior originally sold perfumes for its women-centric clientele, but in more recent times has opened up to include scents for men as well as a large variety of other cosmetics. Dior is a brand name that is almost synonymous with class, elegance, and beauty.

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Few scents are more seductive or delectable than Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle Eau De Parfum. With a delicious fruity tone covered by woody base notes, Hypnotic Poison is a classic smell that also boasts fantastic projection. Designed primarily for women, you’ll find that its delicate, sensitive, and light scent brings out both your confidence and femineity. Hypnotic Poison is a versatile scent well suited to both indoors and outdoors, the winter as well as summer months. The bottle is simply crafted from a smooth rose-colored glass in a shape resembling a heart.

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