Mandarina Duck

Mandarina Duck was founded by Paolo Trento and Pentro Mannato in 1997. Though it originated selling primarily designer luggage and travel accessories, it has since gone on to release fragrances and perfumes beloved by many.

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Pure Black Mandarina Duck is a scent primarily designed for men. Released in 2009 by Nathalie Lorson, it bases its top notes in tangerine, pepper, and bergamot, middle notes in tonka bean, tiare flower, and has its base notes in vanilla. Such an eclectic combination has resulted in the creation of a clean and fresh, citrusy-sweet scent with strong overlays of vanilla. Pure Black Mandarina Duck is a pleasant and versatile scent designed to be worn on date nights and semi-formal dinner events, and it claims reasonable longevity of up to 8+ hours.

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