Perfume Guides

Perfume Guides

Wearing perfume can be quite intimidating for first-timers. Some of us would remember that famous scent worn by others and hoping that the same fragrance will work on us, we go rushing to a store to buy one. What's wrong with that? Remember that how the perfume smells on the other person may not smell the same when you wear it.

On top of that dilemma, there are also things that set apart women's and men's fragrances. In line with that, you have to be familiar with what really works for you. There are different categories that will guide you in your search for the right perfume that will smell good on you. Here is a list of what you must remember.

Floral Perfume

As the name implies, this is a line of fragrances that has that flowery scent to them. Often smelling sweet, it can include any of the following notes – peonies, lilies, jasmine, and roses. This category includes a wide range of fragrances, from delicate to more intense ones. Considered as one of the most popular scents there ever is, it can also be intimidating to know that it has the broadest list. It is best worn daily to work, or to an intimate gathering.

Fresh Perfume

Were there times when you had noticed the scent exuded by someone and there are hints of water, citrus, or green notes on them? These perfumes typically belong under fresh scents. The key to categorizing this scent is the refreshing, vibrant, and zesty smell on the fragrance. The subcategories can be complex but here are some tips to help you know them further.

Water-based fragrances are those that have aquatic notes on them, the most popular one being sea spray. Citrus-based scents, on the other hand, are those that are usually created from mandarin, lemon, orange, or bergamot. Last but not least – fresh green perfumes are those that have a crisp scent on them and are kind of herbal and leafy in terms of smell. Among the most popular notes in this subcategory are rosemary, basil, and lavender. All of these are best worn during casual weekends or when going to work.

Oriental Perfume

Oriental fragrances are a mix of spicy, sweet, and warm. It can be combined with other scents like floral and woody, hence the terms "floral oriental", and "woody oriental". Aside from perfumes, there are also aftershaves that fall under this category. These ones commonly leave hints of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, or even orange blossom, on the skin. Wear this during your date night, and you will surely captivate the heart of your partner.

Woody Perfume

Also falling under the warm category for perfumes, woody fragrances leave a person with a very captivating scent, making them popular in the production of aftershaves for men. Among the more popular scents included in the list are amber, vetiver, sandalwood, and cedarwood. This line of perfume is best worn during an evening gala or any nighttime party. The scent can either be smoky and leathery (dry wood), or sweet and earthy (mossy wood).