Roja Parfum

Roja Parfums is a British luxury perfume brand created by Roja Dove. Roja’s first creation was ‘The Trilogy’ collection which consists of three fragrances for females named Scandal (floral), Unspoken (chypre), and Enslaved (oriental). This line became a part of Roja Parfums in 2011. The brand also released scented candles - the first one being Neroli. Fragrances from Roja Parfums are sold in many major departmental stores in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Its creator aimed to develop fragrances that catered to all different types of preferences so that each one will be able to find one scent that they can fall in love with.

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As Roja Parfum is motivated to create scents for every type of taste and preference, you can find many different scent feels. Roja Parfum has four fragrance families - fougère, floral, chypré, and ambrée. They have all kinds of scents including woody, earthy, spicy, tobacco, gourmand, leathery, powdery, and animalic. Roja Parfum has launched five different collections entitled Haute Luxe, Parfums De La Nuit, Imperial, Aouds, and Exclusives.

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