Thameen is a luxury and niche perfume brand from the United Kingdom, giving you the British fragrances on the market. Each perfume is inspired by the precious gems, jewels, and treasures in the world - with the name Thameen itself meaning ‘precious’ in Arabic. Thameen was founded by Basel Bin Jabr, a man of Middle Eastern roots - hence contributing to the strong oriental scent that exudes from each bottle of perfume that he has concocted. The beauty of Thameen fragrances is that behind each perfume lies an elegant story which the scent itself is inspired by.

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Browse our selection of Thameen perfumes here at Fragrance Lovers. If you love Oriental and exotic scents, Thameen perfumes are a great choice for you. They have released two well-crafted fragrance collections - The Treasure Collection and Sovereign Collection. The Treasure collection carries 12 exquisite scents which are inspired by the world’s most precious jewels and gems, such as The Hope, The Cora, and Noorolain Taif. The Sovereign collection, on the other hand, is made up of four fragrances which are inspired by the royal coronation.

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