Frederic Malle

Frederic Malle was founded in 1962 by Pierre Frederic Serge Louis Jacques Malle, an internationally recognized perfumer and fashioner. At Frederic Malle, the very best perfumers from all over the world have their chance to showcase their talent with the guidance of Malle himself; unlike most brands, Malle gives credits to the perfumers, just check the name on your box! Frederic Malle is known for the purest of scents which aim to remove all that is “superfluous or merely decorative”.

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Musc Ravaguer Editions De Parfums was released in 2000 by Maurice Roucel and is a largely warm and spicy scent. With top notes of lavender, tangerine, and bergamot, Musc Ravaguer Editions De Parfums largely gives off a sweet and rich citrusy scent that is powerfully combined with strong middle tones of cinnamon and cloves, followed by base notes of vanilla, musk, and other woody scents. Whilst an unusual combination that may not initially sound particularly ideal, Musc Ravaguer produces a surprisingly sophisticated and elegant scent that works great for classy events such as dinner parties. Musc Ravaguer boasts a reasonable longevity of 8+ hours and has been described as getting even more delicious with every sniff.

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