Choosing The Right Perfume Scents For You


Choosing the Right Perfume Scents for You

Citrus, floral, woody, musky, smoky; the list of perfume notes goes on. For first timers, choosing a nice perfume scent out of the wide assortment of perfumes may seem like an easy task. However, choosing the right perfume scent for yourself can be a downright difficult process – you may like your best friend’s perfume scent, but it may not be the right scent for you! At Fragrance Lovers, we understand that this is due to every person’s unique body chemistry. Our body reacts differently to ingredients in a perfume so how a scent smells on your best friend will usually not smell the same on you. Here are some of the things you should look out for to choose the right perfume scent that is uniquely you.

Know the Perfume Notes

Just like how music is differentiated by notes, perfume scents have different scent notes too. The notes comprise three unique layers, namely the middle or heart notes, top or head notes and the base notes. These three components fuse together in harmony to create a unique scent. This also means that every perfume has a different scent profile since each scent has different components of notes.

In theory, there are eight olfactory categories that are further split into two groups. In the Fresh category, we have floral, aromatic, and citrus. In the Warm category, we have oriental, and leather. Some groups are a combination of warm and fresh groups, namely the Chypre and Woody categories.

The different note compositions will affect the duration of the fragrance on the body. The notes that stay the longest on the skin will be the bottom notes while the ones that evaporate the fastest are the top notes.

Understand Perfume Concentration

Every perfume has a different perfume concentration. There are four layers of perfume concentration, and this often corresponds to the price too. The highest concentration perfumes will naturally cost more than the lower concentration perfumes. These are the four perfume concentrations:

  • Parfum consists of 15-40% perfume concentration and can last an entire day just by applying the fragrance once on hot spots like the wrist or the nape of your neck.
  • Eau de parfum comprises 15-20% of perfume concentration and can stay up to six hours.
  • Eat de toilette has only 5-15% perfume concentration, and they are typically easy on the wallet for most laypeople. However, you will likely need to apply the fragrance more than once to allow the scent to remain on your skin throughout the day.
  • Eau de cologne is the weakest of all perfume concentrations. They comprise 2-4% perfume concentration and they typically only last a few hours.

Try a Variety of Scents

The only way to choose the right scent for your unique body chemistry is to keep trying. As our bodies interact differently with different scents, the journey of choosing the right perfume scent involves discovering which scent our body has the best chemistry with.

Why Choose Fragrance Lovers?

Over here at Fragrance Lovers, we have a wide variety of perfume scents for both men and women, and we are sure you will be able to find your signature fragrance. If you are looking for fragrances for your loved ones, our team of highly experienced staff can provide you with great advice too. Whether it’s for work, casual outings, or formal events, we are confident that there is a fragrance made just for you. Be spoiled for choice as you browse our fragrance selection. To find your signature fragrance, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you discover the right scent for you!