Hacivat Extrait De Parfum Nishane
Hacivat Extrait De Parfum Nishane

Hacivat Extrait De Parfum

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Give way to the new hunk in town. With a sparkling citrus tart draped over Hacivat, oakmoss, white jasmine, and forest woods, this fragrance recalls the oakmoss-loaded magnificence of arboreous chypres like Pour Monsieur that once ruled over men’s perfumery. Hacivat has a modern touch, with notes of juicy pineapple inflating the woods and the damp mosses. The hint of leaf and blackcurrant keeps the tone outdoorsy and fresh. The pineapple gives the perfume its natural, rich smell that redeems the prestige of the maligned fruit. Hacivat sits light on the skin, making the perfume smell professional, discreet, and grand. It also possesses enough wood and bitter moss for solemnity. Save this scent if you want to add dignity to your atmosphere.

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