A Guide To Storing Your Perfumes

Perfumes are usually not labeled with their expiration dates so you have no idea when they actually spoil. However, they are not created to provide you with long-term use. Fret not, as it is possible to prolong the shelf life of perfume by keeping and storing it well.

A Guide To Storing Your Perfumes

You have to choose a place that is away from direct light and has a consistent temperature. Make sure that you keep them in their proper storage containers as well. Don’t store any fragile bottles on the higher shelves. Keep the cap on the bottle to prevent it from turning bad. Want to know more? Read on for a guide to storing your perfumes!

Choose A Spot Away From Light

Sunlight can damage the perfume bottle. Generally, perfumes tend to last longer when they are stored in darker places. Putting it in a drawer in a closet is a good way to make a perfume last longer. A perfume that comes in a colorful bottle will be slightly more protected from light. However, you don’t want to take the risk of displaying the bottles. You want to preserve the scent of your expensive perfumes.

Find A Place With Consistent Temperature

Extremely high or low temperatures can affect your perfume’s quality. Store perfume in an area that doesn’t experience such dramatic temperature changes. The bathroom and kitchen are off-limits when it comes to storing perfumes. The kitchen gets hot while cooking and the bathroom will become warm when people are showering. It is better to safely store perfume in a closet that is found in the living room or bedroom. 

Avoid Humid Areas

Humidity can affect the quality of the perfume greatly. So, storing the bottles in the bathroom is not a good idea. Choose an area that is not subjected to the humidity to keep your perfume safe. If you have a dehumidifier set up in your bedroom, this can be a good place to keep your perfumes.

Try A Closet

A closet is usually the best place for you to store perfumes. The closet is away from light and has a consistent temperature too. Try to clear up a space to store the perfumes. However, note that a bathroom closet or kitchen cabinet is not a good place for it. A closet that is found near a window or front door is not the best place either. These areas are subject to changes in temperature which affects the quality of your perfume.

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