Traveling With Perfumes: How Many To Bring On A Plane

Sweaty bus rides, long flights, and tropical climates will cause you to want a good shower. But that’s not possible sometimes when you are traveling. A better option will be to bring your favorite perfume with you to avoid some embarrassment. Read on to learn more about traveling with perfumes and how many to bring on a plane!

Traveling With Perfumes How Many To Bring On A Plane

Can You Bring Perfume Onto The Plane?

According to the Transport Security Administration, cologne and perfume are allowed on planes in both checked baggage and hand luggage. There are no limits on the quantity for checked luggage. However, if you are bringing your perfume inside your hand luggage, you need to follow the 3-1-1 rule. The rule states that any amount of liquids in your hand luggage must be in 3.4oz bottles or less. Each passenger can only have a transparent zip-lock bag for all their liquids and gels. Using too much perfume before or during the flight is not advisable as it can cause irritation to the people around you. Use only a small amount of lightly scented perfume to avoid annoying the other passengers.

How Much Perfume Can You Take Onto The Plane?

Perfume is treated the same way as a regular liquid. The normal rules for liquids will apply. You can bring as many as you want but you are limited by the 3-1-1 rule. If you pack them in your checked baggage, there are no limits on how much perfume you can bring. But if you bring too many bottles, you might have to pay the duty tax. This is charged whether or not it is duty-free. If you travel internationally, you have to go through customs and security. If you are carrying an amount that is not meant for personal use, they will get you to pay the duty tax. While traveling domestically, you won’t be taxed for carrying too much perfume.

Should You Pack Perfume In Checked Luggage Or Hand-Held Luggage?

It is recommended that you pack perfume in the hand luggage over the checked luggage and there is a good reason for it. Perfume is expensive and these items often get lost or stolen from checked luggage. It might also get damaged as checked bags are thrown around by the baggage handlers. For hand luggage, your perfume is limited to 3.4 oz containers. Pack your perfume in checked luggage if it comes in a larger container.

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