Are You A Vanilla Scent Lover? Check Out This List

The scent of vanilla is a relic of the pre-teen days. This sweet smell is cozy and familiar, like fresh baked cookies. Vanilla can transform from plain to complex when mixed with the right pairings. This is a great companion for other scents such as sandalwood, amber, and musk. If you want to revamp your fragrance collection, this is for you. Read on for a whole list of delightful vanilla perfumes to choose from!

Are You A Vanilla Scent Lover Check Out This List

Montale Dark Vanilla EDP

Dark Vanilla EDP by the house of Montale is an unisex fragrance with amber woody vanilla scents. It is released in the year of 2020. The notes are leather, sandalwood, oud, spices, patchouli, vanilla and amber.

Fragrance Du Bois Santal Complet

Released in 2016, Santal Complet by Fragrance Du Bois is categorized as an amber vanilla unisex fragrance. Coconut, lemon, violet, black pepper, sandalwood, vanilla, amber and musk are the notes for this fragrance.

Mercedes-Benz Select Night Eau De Parfum

Launched in the year of 2019, Select Night by Mercedes-Benz is known for its woody vanilla fragrance for men. The notes are lavender, bergamot, cardamom, orange blossom, giuiac wood, cedar wood, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Flasque De Voyage (BPI)

Lainched in 2012 as a limited edition, Le Male Flasque De Voyage is classified as an aromatic vanilla fragrance for men. The notes for this fragrance are lavender, cardamom, mint, bergamot, artemisia, cinnamon, orange blossom, caraway, vanilla, tonka bean, amber, sandalwood and cedar wood. This limited edition Flask was produced in 2012 under BPI. These bottles are extremely rare and hard to find.

Estee lauder Infinite Sky

Infinite Sky by Estee Lauder is classified as a spicy vanilla unisex fragrance released in 2021. The notes for this fragrance are Sichuan pepper, vanilla and leatherwood.

Montale Blue Amber

Blue Amber by the house of Montale is classy as a amber aromatic fragrance released in 2006. The notes for this fragrance are amber, Vanilla, patchouli, coriander, geranium, vetiver and bergamot.

Initio Absolute Aphrodisiac

Absolute Aphrodisiac is classified as a spicy amber unisex fragrance released in the year of 2015. The notes for this fragrance are vanilla, amber, castoreum, leather, musk and white florals.

Valentina Oud Assoluto EDP

Oud Assoluto EDP by Valentina is classified as a leather fragrance for women released in 2013. The notes for this fragrance are saffron, cardamom, orange blossom, oud, Bulgarian Rose, vanilla and woody notes.

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