How Perfumes Trigger Nostalgic Memories

Have you smelled a particular scent or perfume which brought you back to another time and place in your life? Just like smelling freshly baked cakes can bring you back to your childhood times, a spritz of your first-ever perfume can send you back to your high school days. Read on to learn more about how perfumes can trigger nostalgic memories!

How Perfumes Trigger Nostalgic Memories

Fragrance Memories At Four Years Old

Of all the five senses you have, the sense of smell has the strongest link to memory. When you smell a scent, this sends signals to your brain’s smell center. That is the olfactory bulb. It is directly linked to areas of the brain that control memory, emotion, mood, and behavior. That is why smelling something can trigger vivid emotions and memories. In a recent study, most respondents report that their earliest memories of a fragrance were formed when they were between the age of four and eight. Less than 1% of them has a fragrance memory earlier than four while 27% of them said that they remember their first fragrances between the age of eight to twelve. The remaining 23% said that the earliest memory dates back to 12 years or older.

Evoking Happy Memories

Whether you have vivid memories related to scent before the age of 4 years old or only recall the first memory after the age of 14, there is no denying the strong link between memory and our sense of smell. That is why we have to choose fragrances that bring us back to happy times. For example, the floral scents may bring back heartwarming memories of someone close to us. While the scent of coconut can remind us of holidays at the beach. A survey has found that the smell of coconut reminds us of summer and going on vacation. Knowing this, you can have control over picking fragrances by choosing ones that you know will make you happy and lift your mood.

Find Your Favorite Fragrance

When participants were asked about their favorite scents, they voted for perfumes or body products then followed by the freshness of the outdoors. Interestingly, food and cleaning products are featured next. Then, the fragrance of loved ones was at the bottom of the list. If you know which fragrances you love, you won’t have trouble choosing the right scented bath and body products. Otherwise, you can try different types of fragrances to figure out which ones you like the most.

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