Choosing A Fragrance Based On Your Profession

Imagine your first day of work. What would you usually do first? Buy a perfect outfit that is suited to your new profession? Maybe get a new hairdo so that your loved ones will be able to tell right away what you do for work? Most people will not think of shopping for a fragrance that is based on your profession. Yet the truth is, your scent should reflect your confidence and capacity to do well in your career. Here’s a guide you can use to understand fragrance by profession. Who knows? You may be able to find your signature scent or the one that perfectly fits your personality

Choosing A Fragrance Based On Your Profession


If you work in administration, especially in front of a desk, you'll want a scent that is light and subtle. Happy To Be by Clinique is a scent that combines elements of pear and vibrant florals. When you are working in an office with enclosed spaces and seated in cubicles, it is best to opt for a lightweight fragrance to ensure it is not overbearing for your colleagues. Some perfumes linger in the air for hours and if the colleague seated near you isn’t too keen on smells, they might feel overwhelmed and get sick.


If you work in a sales line with incentives per purchase, perhaps you could explore a somewhat feminine smell, which one research found helped boost sales. Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle L’Eau De Parfum is a wonderful smell for a retail position, with notes of vanilla, jasmine, and orange blossoms. When you are greeting customers, you definitely do not want to approach them with a strong overbearing smell that may take away from your sales objectives. Sticking to a light perfume helps to give you fragrance yet keeps it easy on the nose for your prospective customers.



When you have a career that requires creativity, it is all about self-expression. Make a statement with a daring and exotic scent, like Tom Ford’s Venetian Bergamot. This bold choice features warm spice notes, precious woods, and a light touch of citrus, reminiscent of Southern Italy.

Banking and Finance

A fragrance containing refreshing notes, such as Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue Swimming in Lipari, will boost your confidence and productivity in a competitive industry like finance. As an added benefit, the citrus freshness of grapefruit will help you maintain a sense of lightness on your feet. Since banking is a professional, white-collar job, your perfume should help build on your personality and confidence, rather than taking it away from you. Opting for a light, refreshing fragrance shows your boss your work ethic, maintaining a clean disposition for clients.


If you're in the wellness industry, use a scent that exudes calm and tradition. Tom Ford’s Shanghai Lily proudly showcases its oriental nature, the ideal fragrance for the wellness professional. A soothing blend of frankincense, vanilla, and black pepper amongst other spicy notes, blended with the floral tones of jasmine, make this perfume a standout choice.

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