How To Pick The Right Scent For You

With the endless number of scent options available, it may seem like a daunting task to pick out your own signature scent that you love. Finding a fragrance that you completely resonate with is a long journey, but will definitely pay off when you find the one that suits you completely. Are you wondering how you should start your journey of picking your perfect signature scent? Read on to find out more.

Start with Lighter Scents

When you try different scents, you should always start with aqueous or musky scents. Aqueous scents generally smell fresher, while muskier scents are similar to how clean laundry smells. You should start with the musky scents, before moving to citrus smells. You may then move on to fruity florals and finally, heavier wood scents. Some examples include the Reflection Man Eau De Parfum and the Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot Eau De Parfum.

How To Pick The Right Scent For You

Try Three Scents at a Time

If you come into the scene with no clue about what you like, you may be tempted to smell everything. However, you should limit yourself to smelling three scents every time you visit. Smelling too many scents may distort your perception of the different perfumes since there is an olfactory overload, which may result in an inaccurate decision.

Get a Better Understanding of What the Scent is

When you know more about the different scents, you will be better able to vocalize what you love in scents, as well as what you do not like, making your search for the perfect signature scent an easier one. Some of the scent categories include musk, woody, floral, smoky, citrusy, and aquatic.

How the Scent Evolves

It is also important to understand how the scent evolves over time, as well as how long it can last. The top note of your scent is your first impression of the perfume and can last for about 20 minutes. On the other hand, the heart is the lingering scent for the next few hours.

Are you Rebounding with a Fragrance?

If there is a fragrance that you find yourself continuously returning to, then it means that there is something about the fragrance that draws you in and attracts you. If you keep coming back to it and find yourself liking it each time you smell it, then you can request a sample and spray it on yourself. Remember to keep tabs about how the fragrance changes, as body chemistry can also affect how the perfume smells.

If you are in the market for a signature scent for yourself but have no idea where to start, we have got you covered. Take our Scent Me quiz where we curate a custom list of perfumes we think you will love based on your preferences. Alternatively, visit our website to read our perfume guides to gain a deeper understanding of how you can pick the perfect scent for yourself. Here at Fragrance Lovers, we strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction. We look forward to serving you and assisting you in finding the signature scent you absolutely love.

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