The Etiquette Of Wearing A Perfume

Are you someone who cannot leave their home without perfume, or have a signature scent as part of your lifestyle? Perhaps you have an adventurous spirit and like to play around with different scents, trying them out for different occasions. Well, whatever it is, did you know there is such thing as perfume etiquette? Just like how there are certain unspoken rules when it comes to eating at a classy restaurant, here are some perfume etiquettes that you should know of.

The Etiquette Of Wearing A Perfume

Be Considerate of Other People

Perfume shapes your personality and is pleasant when used cautiously. Do not be that guy or girl who knocks people out with their overbearing fragrance, probably from doing one too many pumps before leaving your house. It may smell nice to you, however overloading one’s senses is definitely not proper etiquette for perfume wearers. Not only does it result in a bad impression by others, but it also carries the possibility of causing sickness, due to the powerful smell.

Avoid mixing your perfumes together when leaving the house. It may seem like you are showing off your fun and adventurous personality, however; the different notes and scents of the perfume will collide, thus forming a rather weird and unpleasant smell to others. Try not to let your perfume be a hindrance and a violation of the personal space of others.

Take Note of the Event

If you are wearing your most preferred scent, do that note that not all perfumes are appropriate for all occasions. The strength and scent of perfume should be curated to fit different occasions. Thus, when an occasion arises, one needs to be able to identify the limit to which perfumes can and cannot be used and adjust their scents accordingly.

Guidelines for Wearing Perfume

Do keep yourself up to date with the perfumery rules and restrictions of the places you frequent. Some places have restrictions on wearing perfumes, so do clarify if you’re unsure. If you are attending a business event, it may be expected that attendees have a set of guidelines to adhere to, this may include ensuring that they are fragrant-free before entering the venue. These guidelines may be implemented as past attendees may have complained about too many scents filling up the space, resulting in them getting sick and ultimately making these business conferences and events a negative experience for them. Therefore, it is important to do our part and not make others suffer because of our careless perfume mistake, always take note of the guidelines.

Go Easy on the Scents

Remember that sometimes, less is more. Do not overdo it with your fragrance, this could result in a range of different scent notes combining in a negative manner, causing undesirable smells to emit from your general direction and repulsing others around you. Refrain from applying strong-smelling perfumes when working in an enclosed space, such as an office, as others can easily get a whiff of your scent, potentially impacting them negatively. Remember that enclosed spaces will increase the intensity of any fragrance notes, go easy on the number of sprays and keep it as light as possible.

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