What to Know Before Buying Natural Perfumes

People are now choosing to buy natural perfumes more than ever before. While it is not the mainstream yet, it is starting to find its place in this age. Just like how more consumers prefer to buy natural skin care products, they are also looking to buy natural perfumes as well. There is a growing health awareness among consumers and they now pursue products that are healthy for both the body and the environment. Read on to learn about what you have to know and look out for when buying natural perfumes!

What to Know Before Buying Natural Perfumes

Natural Fragrance Oils

The actual natural fragrance oils make up from about 2% to 30% of a fragrance, depending on whether it is a high-end eau de parfum or a splash-on cologne, or even a perfume extract. Besides that, you have to research what type of ‘natural’ the fragrance adheres to. If you are selecting an all-natural fragrance over a synthetic or semi one, you have to check that it is legally sold and has passed the safety testing. You need to understand that it doesn’t automatically mean that you are not allergic to it in any way. If you have any doubts, check with the fragrance brand to find out more. Some brands do tell you exactly what is inside the perfume and this transparency in their marketing will win over customers.


After looking at the fragrance oils, you need to consider the alcohol base that is used as a carrier for the natural fragrance. Similar to fragrance oils, alcohol is not as simple as you think. Fragrance houses usually use trade-specific, denatured alcohol that is 95-96% proof. The best case is that natural perfume uses a 99.5% pure grain ethyl alcohol. There are many variants of denatured ethanol. The only way to figure out what your perfume contains is to ask the fragrance house.


Each natural ingredient contains a plethora of complex scents. Naturals have to be used sparingly in perfume and be given sufficient space to move. That is why perfumers like to use mainly naturals but lighten up the scent by using aroma chemicals.

Lasting Power

Next, you also want to think about the lasting power. Or the qualities of the scent. A scent may have a strong impact but does not last long. On the other hand, a mild impact at first might last for a long time. When it comes to naturals, one criticism over the years is that they lack longevity. It is difficult but not impossible to create scents that are durable.

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