5 Best Perfumes For Wedding Guests

As a wedding guest, there are some protocols that you must abide by. One of which includes avoiding wearing all white, ‘loud’ and revealing outfits that may attract attention. In terms of scent, the same protocol applies. It is important to choose a scent that is suitable for the occasion, not one that causes discomfort to other guests. If you are unsure of what scent to wear to a wedding, you have come to the right place! We have compiled a list of perfumes for wedding guests that you can refer to when choosing the perfect scent to wear.

5 Best Perfumes For Wedding Guests

Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle L' Eau De Parfum

Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle L’ Eau De Parfum is a scent for women that was launched back in 2012. It has a floral and fruity fragrance which makes it suitable to be worn at weddings. It makes use of orange blossom, pear, iris, jasmine, vanilla, tonka beans, praline, black currant notes, and patchouli to create this perfect scent. It is currently for sale at $124 for one bottle.

Bright Crystal by Versace

It is believed that the best scents to wear to weddings would be those that are fruity or floral. Bright Crystal by Versace encompasses both floral and fruity fragrances, making it a perfect scent to be worn to weddings. Released in 2006, it is a fragrance for women. It consists of peony, musk, lotus, wood, mahogany, amber, pomegranate, Yuzu, magnolia, and water notes. It is available for sale at $85 per bottle.

Ariana Grande’s Cloud EDP

Released in 2018, Ariana Grande’s Cloud EDP is another scent that encompasses both floral and fruity fragrances. It is available at $60 per bottle which is pretty affordable for its fragrance. The notes for this fragrance are pear, lavender, coconut, musk, bergamot, whipped cream, praline, woods, and vanilla orchid.

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain is the perfect scent for men. It blends almond with vanilla essence. Together with leather, they create the perfect scent for weddings. It is one of the best-selling fragrances for men. Furthermore, it is available at $85 per bottle which is quite affordable for its fragrance. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Scandal Pour Homme by Jean Paul Gaultier

Looking for an amber woody fragrance? Scandal Pour Homme by Jean Paul Gaultier is something you should consider. Released in 2021, this scent is suitable for men and its notes are caramel, mandarin orange, vetiver, clary sage, tonka bean, and caramel. Even though it is a relatively new fragrance, it is already one of the most popular scents for men.

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