4 Myths About Perfumes

Perfumes have been around for a long time. Over the years, many perfume myths have emerged and they may or may not be true. Most of these myths revolve around how perfumes are used. We will be discussing in detail more about some of them and whether they are true.

4 Myths About Perfumes

Perfumes Are Made for Women

There is a famous belief that perfumes are used by only women while men only use colognes. This is untrue because the fragrance itself is genderless and there is no certain fragrance made for a particular gender. The fragrance is a way of expressing oneself. A woman can wear cologne and vice versa. The only difference between perfumes and colognes is that there are higher levels of oils in perfume as compared to colognes where the oil concentration is lower.

Rubbing Your Fragrance Allows It to Last Longer

It is a common belief that rubbing of fragrances allows for the scent to last for a longer time. It is believed that the action of rubbing the fragrance will ‘activate’ it, making it stronger. However, this is not true. Rubbing of fragrances would actually result in the evaporation of the scent. This is caused by the breakage of fragrance modules due to friction as a result of rubbing.

The Price Tag of a Perfume Determines Its Quality

Let’s say you are looking for a good quality perfume. Given a cheaper vs an expensive one, which one are you more inclined to get? Most people would go for the expensive perfume because the price is often associated with quality. Some even believe that cheaper perfumes are most likely fake or have really bad quality. This belief is untrue because when purchasing an expensive perfume, you are actually paying for its brand, not its fragrance. Cheaper perfumes can also have amazing fragrances. Furthermore, you will be surprised to find out that sometimes these cheaper perfumes can last longer than their expensive counterparts.

Perfumes Have No Expiry Dates

It is not uncommon to have a perfume that has been forgotten or sitting around in the house for years. Many often think that such perfumes can still be used because they do not have an expiry date. While perfume bottles do not indicate any expiration date, perfumes do expire. As time goes by, perfumes are exposed to heat, humidity, and light. This results in its quality being compromised. There is no fixed amount of time that a perfume can last, but its lifetime is heavily dependent on how well you store it.

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