Can Perfumes Make You Smell Fancy?

The perfume is undoubtedly a huge part of one’s unique identity and status. It is an extension of who we are and who we aspire to be. You may know of many celebrities who are brand ambassadors of various perfumes like Marilyn Monroe and the iconic Chanel No. 5. Maybe you want a treat for yourself and are considering purchasing something fancy. However, if you are wondering whether you will have to break the bank for a slice of luxury, you can put your fears at bay. Fancy perfumes need not be exorbitantly priced. Knowing a few basic steps to smell classy as well as your own unique scent can go a long way in helping you achieve the desired “fancy” status.

Can Perfumes Make You Smell Fancy?

What Does Fancy Mean?

Just like there is no one kind of perfume, there is no such thing as a singular definition for fancy. The most important thing to remember is the context. Being fancy at a date is far different from being fancy at a job interview. Remember to know the audience you are trying to cater to and dress to impress. Indeed, it may not be a great idea to apply a cloyingly sweet perfume when you are out with someone who hates flowery notes, but it can work if you are with friends at brunch sipping mimosas.

Never Be Ostentatious

One good rule of thumb to follow regardless of the type of perfume that you use is, never overdo it! Have you ever experienced stepping into the lift in your workplace and there being a pungent aroma from one of your colleagues and you are counting down the seconds till the lift doors open? The smell could be pleasant and even appealing but too much of it screams try-hard rather than fancy. Knowing perfume concentrations can help immensely; higher concentrations like parfums should be used sparingly while lower ones like the Eau de Toilette can be applied more generously.

Know Where to Apply Your Fragrance

You can have the fanciest perfume but if you don’t know where to put it, it can work against you. Remember that sweat and perfume rarely mix well so don’t apply it on your skin when you know you’ll be outside in the heat for a long time. However, some fabrics like silk will leave perfume stains.

Stick to Seasonal Notes

While this is not a hard and fast rule, certain perfume types like florals and Eau de Toilette are particularly suited to the summer and warmer months. On the other hand, highly concentrated Eau de Parfums and many oriental and woody scents like sandalwood and cardamom are better for colder months. Weather can change dramatically within a day so be mindful of that.

Originality Trumps Poor Imitation

The reality is that the same perfume will smell different on each individual because our “odorprint” is as unique as our fingerprint. Don’t just mindlessly purchase whatever your favorite singer or aunt uses, know your natural scent and what pairs well with it to maintain timeless fanciness!

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