Choosing Men's Perfumes For Different Occasions

A person’s perfume is a very personal choice as it represents not only how one sees themselves but also how one wishes to be seen. Thus, it may seem absurd and possibly even threaten our self-identity when we are presented with a list of men’s perfumes by occasion. However, this does not imply that you have to become a totally different person when you are at work or holidaying in the south of France! Rather, this article is only intended to be a guide on what you can wear and when. 

Choosing Men_s Perfumes For Different Occasions

Why Should You Have Different Perfumes?

Firstly, why should you even have different perfumes? If you are the kind of person who likes to spritz on the same scent once you are done sweating it out at the gym and when you are getting ready for a fun night out, it is not too late to learn what perfume is appropriate for the occasion. Some perfumes are found to have an impact on your overall attractiveness and desirability thus perfect for a date but perhaps not so much for crowded offices. Wearing different scents to different places can also help trigger memories for a specific event…but more on that later! We have curated a list of occasions where you might want to switch up your fragrances.

Eau de Toilettes for Work

Firstly, it is best to make sure that your workplace is friendly to perfumes. Space is limited in many offices so people can find pungent perfumes off-putting. If you want to smell good, eau de toilettes are the way to go! They last for about 4 hours, and you may need to reapply within the day. You can’t go wrong with the Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua Eau de Toilette which has both woody and citrusy notes.

Date Night Fragrances

In this day and age of digitization, going on a physical date means that you have chosen to invest your time and energy in someone so make that count! For such special occasions and especially if it’s the first date, you want to project confidence. Musky perfumes like the Urban Musk Eau de Parfum are hedonistic and seductive all at once.

Vacation Scents

If you are a regular vacationer, then it would be prudent to have specific fragrances for each of your holidays. A person’s sense of smell is very well-evolved and attuned. How nice would it be to catch a whiff of a coconut scent and be reminded of your trip to Bora Bora? If you can’t have different fragrances, then opt for fruity and citrusy notes as they definitely have a vacation feel to them!

Bedtime Perfume

Yes, that’s right! Wearing a scent to bed can have phenomenal effects on the quality of your sleep. Scents like vanilla are warm and comforting while chamomile reduces stress and anxiety. Wearing a fragrance to bed can be part of your nightly self-care routine. Dab a few drops of your chosen scent and wake up in the morning with the faint aromas cocooning you.

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