How Many Perfumes Do You Need?

Is there such thing as having too little or too many perfumes in your fragrance collection? Is it enough to have just one signature scent to fall back on? How many perfumes do you actually need? These are the questions that many people have when it comes to building a perfume collection. Whether you’re a seasoned fragrance lover or someone new to this, let us help you answer these questions today.

How Many Perfumes Do You Need?

One for Each Season

Most fragrance lovers will tell you that you are going to need at least one perfume for each season. Simply put, that means you’re going to need at least four fragrances to cover Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

  • In spring, go for floral and fruity scents to accompany the freshness of the season.
  • In summer, go for subtle yet faceted scents.
  • In autumn, choose woody, leathery, or spicy fragrances.
  • In winter, choose something oriental and sensual.

One for Each Occasion

The perfume you wear should be suited to the situation that you are in. To be safe, you should have at least four for various occasions.

  • For the workplace, go with something light and breezy.
  • For formal situations, opt for a stylish and confident scent.
  • For that special date, something spicy and seductive that will make your date go crazy
  • For a casual day out shopping, choose something light and easy on the nose.

One for Every Emotion

Perfumes can invoke memories and trigger emotions. Therefore, having a perfume for every emotion will be ideal. For example, when you’re feeling great, choose a confident and bright scent that shows others that you’re on top of the world.

When you are feeling lazy at home, reading a book, watching a movie, or doing anything else that makes you feel at ease, choose a light scent that will not be too overpowering. If you are feeling blue, a joyful scent, such as something fruity and flowery can help to cheer you up, so that you can snap out of that funk. Finally, if you are feeling listless but have trouble falling asleep, a relaxing scent such as lavender might just be the thing to ease you into sweet slumber.

There isn’t such a thing as having too little or too many perfumes. Just because some individuals love to flaunt their collection of perfumes on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook doesn’t mean that you need to have an extensive collection of your own.

Think about what you desire, not what others say you need. If you personally feel a few select perfumes works for you, that’s totally fine. Fragrances should be personal to each individual wearer. If you just want one trademark scent, go for it.

If you are just building your perfume collection and don’t know where to start, consider Fragrance Lovers. Here at Fragrance Lovers, we offer a large selection of perfume smells for both men and women, and we are confident that you will find your perfect scent, that trademark aroma.

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