How Not To Smell Too Strong When Wearing Perfume

Perfume may not be seen by many as a necessity. However, do you know that you can elevate your style when you use a scent with your getup? Since smell is one of our six senses, wearing perfume can make us feel more confident and leave a lasting impression on others. You’ll want to wear perfume in moderation though; spritz on too much and you might end up giving someone a headache. To avoid the common mistake of using too much perfume, here are some tips for correctly wearing perfume.

Why You Shouldn’t Smell Too Strongly of Perfume

Let’s start off with why it’s not right to wear too much perfume. There are two main reasons:

  • Cause an allergic reaction: Some people suffer from fragrance allergy, which means that they can develop an allergic reaction upon touching or inhaling perfumes. These allergies can be triggered by over 2,500 chemical irritants found in perfumes and can show up in the form of nausea, migraine and skin inflammation.
  • Offensive to some people: Besides being a turnoff, smelling too strongly of perfume can be seen as being inconsiderate towards other people. It’s crucial to remember that not everyone is a fan of scents and may even be allergic to them.

Tips to Not Smell Too Strong when Wearing Perfume

There are several ways to apply perfume correctly:

  • Wear less: Many of us should know by now that the right way to wear perfume is by spraying it on our pulse points – wrists, back of ears, and collarbone. However, this application method only applies to lighter fragrances. For heavier perfumes, try spraying it only on one wrist, then lightly dab the other wrist against it before using both your wrists to pat behind your ears.
  • Wear in different areas: If the above method still makes you smell too strong, you can try applying the perfume to the back of your knees. This area is also part of our pulse points, but because of its location, the scent will slowly kick in throughout the day. Other areas you can include are thighs and calves.
  • Opt for Pure Perfumes: Pure perfumes, otherwise known as parfum or extrait de parfum, contains the highest concentration of fragrances available in the market. With more than 30% perfume oil, you can expect the scent on you to last all day. As pure perfumes wear closely to the skin, it won’t be easily detectable by the people around you. The only downside is that parfum are costly. Some pure perfumes we recommend are Hacivat by Nishane Extrait De Parfum and Montale Intense Roses Musk.
  • Choose light fragrances: For those working in an enclosed area or open office environment, it is advisable to wear lighter, less overbearing scents that are suitable for the day. Scents such as Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Women Eau De Toilette and Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity smell great and are not heavy or overpowering at the same time.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol: If you accidentally spritz on too much perfume, there is actually a way to rectify the issue – simply dab the pulse points or other areas with rubbing alcohol to dilute the overwhelming scent.

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