What Do Women Think About Men Who Wear Perfumes?

It’s time we get past the outdated notion that perfumes should only be worn by women. Do you know that men started wearing fragrances as early as 2000 BC in Egypt? Cosmetic companies have been developing an extensive collection of fragrances for men and an increasing number of men are beginning to wear scents on a daily basis. Have you ever been attracted to someone because of the scent they wear? What do you think about men who wear perfumes? Let’s find out what women think about men who wear perfumes.

A man wearing a suit spraying perfume on himself.

Importance of Wearing Perfume

First and foremost, let us recognize the significance of using perfumes. The most important reason being: perfumes can enhance one’s mood. Whether you’re heading out for a dinner date, attending an event, or just spending a casual day out, perfumes can boost your mood or alter your emotional state; they can make you feel attractive, playful, relaxed, happy or sexy. They can also improve your confidence and help you to express your individuality.

What Women Think of When Men Wear Perfumes 

While responses to fragrance is a subjective experience, most women attribute good qualities to men who wear perfumes. The following are some of their observations:

  • Well-dressed: When men wear perfumes, it conveys that they are conscious of their appearance and have gone to great lengths to groom themselves. And as you are probably aware, your image has an impact on others’ perceptions of you and reflects your personality, attitude and background. When men present a good image of themselves, they are likely confident and comfortable in their own skin and often times, women find this attractive.
  • Attractive: It has been scientifically proven that perfumes have the ability to make someone more attractive. The explanation for this is that pleasant scents are linked to overall physical attractiveness. It can also signify cleanliness; when men smell good, women believe that they practice good personal hygiene.
  • Masculine: There are certain perfume notes that are particularly appealing to women, and it should come as no surprise that women prefer masculine scents. Since masculine fragrances tend to be formulated with musky and woody base notes, scents such as sandalwood, vanilla, and cedarwood are commonly featured in men’s perfumes. Some masculine perfumes that we are partial to include Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Eau De Toilette Intense, Valentino Uomo Acqua Eau De Toilette and in particular, we are fans of almost every perfume scent from Tom Ford.

Perfumes Trigger Memories

Since perfumes have the capacity to leave a lasting impression, they can also evoke memories, both pleasant and negative. When you first meet someone, the person will most likely associate your scent with that particular moment. If you have found your signature scent and wear it often, people will soon associate you with that scent and remember you by it.

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