Men's Perfumes That Enhance Physical Attraction

It is often understood that sex sells but what if I told you that you can sell sex? That’s right – you and you alone have the power to up your sex appeal and there’s an effective way to do this. With this curated list of men’s perfumes for physical attraction, you can woo the person of your dreams. If you don’t have anyone in mind, these scents will make you feel more confident in yourself. As you read through the list, do take note that your scent is a small albeit important facet of your overall look and personality. Don’t neglect it but don’t obsess about it too!

Men's Perfumes That Enhance Physical Attraction

The Science of Attraction

Many studies have shown that physical attraction is determined more by smell than by sight. This is crazy, considering that a larger area of our brain is dedicated to visual stimuli. So how does this work? Well, the mass media and popular culture have emphasized the role of pheromones, that is – scented sex hormones – in your attractiveness to varying degrees. It has been found that women, particularly, have a particular sensitivity to the odor of natural sweat or androstenone. However, don’t be deluded into thinking your sweaty gym shirts are attractive. The less fresh sweat, androstanol is pretty repulsive and off-putting. It’s a fine line that you tread from being sexy to smelly! Women who are ovulating are even more attuned to pheromones and their effects. With the science in mind, let’s turn to the 5 men’s perfumes to boost your attractiveness.

Toy Boy Eau De Parfum

Indeed, this is an iconic fragrance by none other than Moschino. It’s elegance redefined – don’t let the cute soft toy-looking bottle fool you! It’s an exciting blend of citrus and fruity developed for the dynamic man who is vulnerable enough to show his playful and affectionate side.

Cedrat Boise Eau De Parfum

This perfume is designed for sensual men. The top notes of bergamot and black currant will reel you in while the base notes of cedar, leather, and oakmoss give it the classic edge and leave you wanting more. A dab of these on your chest and shoulders before you leave your home, and you are all set for the night

Ombre Leather Eau De Parfum

This scent by Tom Ford is truly designed for the modern man. It incorporates the sensuality of leather with the floral notes of jasmine in layers of moss and amber. This blend befits the statuesque man on a mission.

The One for Men EDP Intense

This warm and spicy blend by Dolce and Gabbana will surely leave you wanting more. The sleek black bottle holds within it the aromatic notes of cardamom, cypress, and patchouli amongst others. Its heady scent is not something you want to miss out on.

Bad Boy Le Parfum

The name says it all. The lightning-shaped bottle might render you speechless even before you smell the spicy aromas of vetiver, black pepper, and grapefruit. Like a bolt from the blue, it’s for the man who’s quick to claim his share.

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