Subtle Scents For People With Sensitive Noses

Have you ever noticed how itchy and sensitive your nose becomes when you apply perfume or smell a type of scent? Well, that’s because you probably have a sensitive nose. For you and many others out there, a variety of smells, particularly the strong ones, can irritate your sensitive nose.

Most people with sensitive noses tend to avoid fragrances altogether for fear of suffering from negative side effects like migraine, nausea, or an itchy nose. Others spend hours on perfume guides or take numerous scent quizzes just to find a fragrance that won’t trigger their allergic reactions.

Well, we’re here to be the bearer of good news: Not all fragrances are harmful and not all of them will trigger your allergies. Check out these subtle scents for sensitive noses that will be perfect for you.


You might be surprised that orange, a fruity scent, is considered a subtle scent for people with sensitive noses. Well, the truth is that orange is known for its uplifting, energizing characteristics. It is more refreshing than overpowering and can help relieve stress, particularly in people who suffer from anxiety or depression.


Lavender is one of the most popular scents due to its calming characteristics. It is also frequently used by those with sensitive noses during allergy season since it decreases inflammation. What’s more, the scent is often utilized as a mood relaxant in aromatherapy. So, a lavender-scented perfume or any other lavender product will surely be a delight for those with sensitive noses.


Rose is a floral scent that is extremely popular in the fragrance industry. It is also one of the most versatile scents because it can be paired with any other fragrances. Don’t be fooled by its name though – it smells almost nothing like a stalk of rose. Instead, the fragrance takes the original smell of rose and transforms it into a light, sweet-smelling, and almost fruity scent. The rose scent has been known to have a calming effect and has been used to lower heart rates and reduce stress. Delicate and pure, you (and your sensitive nose) will love this subtle scent.


Vanilla is a fan-favorite because it smells sweet, soothing, and pure. Because of its gentle undertones and baby powder-like fragrance, vanilla is utilized in a variety of goods from cosmetics to air fresheners. A classic and uncomplicated smell, vanilla is great for sensitive noses. The best part? It holds a nostalgic charm that reminds you of the delicious vanilla cookies you used to eat as a kid.


Sandalwood has a comforting aroma. It is the ideal scent for perfumes that blend floral, woody, and citrus notes since it is distinctively warm, creamy, and silky. Not only is it great for your sensitive nose, it leaves you with a captivating scent that is attractive to the people around you.

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