Choosing A Fragrance For Date Nights

You have got your outfit, makeup and hair all sorted out for an evening date, but as you head out of the house, you realize something is missing. Well, that something could most likely be a few spritzes of your favorite perfume. It’s amazing how a bottle of scented liquid can add the finishing touch to your overall look and take your confidence up a notch. If you don’t already have a go-to scent, you’ll want to find out how to select the right fragrances for date nights along with the correct methods to apply them. At the end of the day, the goal is for you to feel good, capture your date’s attention and delight him or her with your scent. This can be achieved through the following ways:

A romantic dinner table with champagne flutes and red roses.

Less is More

If you are under the impression that you should douse yourself in perfume for it to be noticed, you’re sorely mistaken. When it comes to fragrances, less is always more as scents can be incredibly potent. Smelling too strongly of perfume can give someone a headache or make them physically ill, and considering how close you’ll probably be sitting next to your date, you wouldn’t want your scent to be overpowering.

Apply on Pulse Points

Pulse points are the areas on the body where arteries are found near the surface of the skin. These areas emanate heat that will intensify the scent of a fragrance. For date nights, you should keep it to a maximum of two sprays. Apply the first spritz on one wrist and lightly dab the other wrist against it. You can then do the second spritz on your décolletage or neck. In this way, your perfume will not be overbearing but still have an impact.

Avoid Mixing Fragrances

Even though it’s perfectly fine to layer fragrances, you should only do so when the products have the same perfume notes. Here’s a fair warning: your experimentation may go awry when you try to blend fragrances to create a unique scent, so it’s best to avoid it altogether before your date.

Keep a Mini Fragrance in Your Bag

In general, fragrances can last on your skin for four to six hours. However, conditions such as humidity, the type of perfume you’re wearing, and the dryness of your skin do affect the longevity of the scent. For date nights, you should bring along a mini fragrance in your bag just in case. It’s possible for the scent to evaporate and wear off after dinner, so you’ll want to do a little spritz in the restroom to refresh your scent. 

Go for Pure Perfumes

Pure perfume, otherwise known as parfum or extrait de parfum, has the strongest fragrance concentration; they contain 20% to 40% perfume oils. Due to its potency, pure perfumes can last up to eight hours on the skin, making it the perfect fragrance type for date nights. However, if you have sensitive skin, you might want to opt for eau de parfums (EDP) instead, which has a 15% to 20% fragrance concentration and can last up to six hours.

Go for Romantic Perfumes on Date Nights

When it comes to date nights, sensual, seductive fragrances are the universal scents to wear. As such, look for scent notes such as vanilla, amber, and bergamot, or any scents that belong to the spicy and woody categories. At Fragrance Lovers, we highly recommend the popular Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent and Lancome Idole Le Parfum for date nights. If you would like to do a scent test to receive personalized fragrance recommendations from our experienced staff, we are more than happy to help you with that. Take our Scent Me quiz now!

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