What Does Your Choice Of Perfume Say About Your Personality?

With the plethora of perfumes available online and in stores, it might be a laborious process to pin down your favorite scent. Indeed, we all want to smell good. Perfumes, in a sense, reflect us and who we are. Think about Marilyn Monroe and the classic Number 5 Chanel fragrance. Now, think of someone closer to you like your flamboyant aunt who liberally sprays herself with rich earthy scents and your sensitive best friend who favors floral notes.

This association between perfume and personality is not random or baseless. While far from being an exact science, the fact of the matter is that the fragrances you choose can tell people a lot about who you are. There are four major scent families: namely, floral, oriental, woody, and fresh, and several subfamilies within each. Read to find out which scent family fits you or which fragrance projects how you want to be seen. Needless to say, this is not the ultimate guide as you can definitely choose to embrace more than one!

What Does Your Choice Of Perfume Say About Your Personality?

Floral Perfumes

Those who gravitate towards floral notes like jasmine and rose are generally friendly and sociable. They tend to have a warm disposition and are usually sensitive, modest, and kind. If you have a friend who ardently reminds you of spring or summer, then chances are that the powdery notes of floral scents will be an ideal gift for them.

Oriental Scents

The oriental family of perfumes encompasses rich exotic scents like herbs, spices, and resin. They exude opulence, richness, and a subtle air of mystery. The wearer of perfumes like the Amber Oud Rouge is like that too! They tend to be charming, self-possessed, and passionate individuals. Oriental lovers love the pleasures of everyday life and are even rumored to be sensual lovers. So, the next time you go on a date, you can’t go wrong with a bit of the oriental mystique!

Woody Aromas

Woody perfumes are a departure from the norm – much like those who adorn this family of scents. These earthy tones of sandalwood, bergamot, and cedar can be found in such perfumes and have a masculine and androgynous feel. The woody wearer is cool, sophisticated, and will not buckle under pressure. They are chic and exude a unique panache that is difficult to replicate. Although woody scents are very common in men’s perfumes, women can and do wear them! Woody scents are versatile in that they pair well with floral and fresh notes beautifully.

Fresh Fragrances

The final category of fragrances encompasses many subfamilies that are distinct and have their distinct smell such as citrus, oceanic, and green. Citrus scents, as the names suggest, refer to grapefruit and orange. Wearers of this scent have a witty and sharp personality whilst also being bubbly and cheerful. Oceanic scents are reminiscent of fresh and clean places. Such individuals are laidback and opt for a stress-free lifestyle. No matter which scents you choose to wear, remember that it is uniquely yours as your natural aroma has a phenomenal effect on the overall perfume fragrance!

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