Wondering How Perfume Is Made? Read This!

In the past, humans have been using perfume to conceal and intensify their own scents. Various natural and man-made raw materials have been utilized to manufacture perfume. In the past, perfumes were manufactured by steaming or pressing to extract the natural oils from plants. Most perfumes are used to scent soaps today. Perfumes are used in different ways. It can be used to apply on clothing and skin or placed in cosmetics and cleaners. Just as no two individuals have the same body odor, body chemistry, or temperature, a perfume will never smell the same on two different people.

Wondering How Perfume Is Made?

Raw Materials

Raw materials usually come from natural or man-made sources. Some of these natural sources include grasses, fruits, flowers, leaves, roots, spices, wood, and animal fluids. Other resources like coal, phytochemicals, and alcohol are also used during the manufacturing of perfumes. Synthetic chemicals are used to create scents that cannot be found naturally. Water and alcohol are used occasionally to dilute the raw materials to achieve the required ratio.

Process of Manufacturing

There are four key steps in the process of perfume manufacturing, namely collection, extraction, blending, and aging.

During collection, the raw materials required to manufacture perfumes are first obtained. Plant-based materials with the best fragrances and quality are picked. Animal-based materials are obtained through the direct extraction of their fatty substances. These ingredients are then brought to the factory where the manufacturing of perfumes takes place. As for synthetic perfumes, the chemicals found in them are made by chemists who specialize in perfumes in laboratories.

In extraction, oils are extracted from plant fluids by the following methods: expression, maceration, enfleurage, solvent extraction, and steam distillation.

Blending occurs after perfume oils are being extracted. They are blended based on a special formula created by a perfume master to create a scent. Such secret formulas may take many years and as long as 800 ingredients to develop. Alcohol and sometimes water are then added to the scent. The volume of alcohol and water to be added varies for full perfumes, colognes, and toilet water.

Aging is the final step in the manufacturing process and it occurs after blending. A perfume is aged from a few months to even years. The perfume master will conduct tests on the perfume to make sure that the targeted scent is achieved.

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