What Perfumes To Wear In Winter

Looking to switch up your signature perfume scent now that the winter months are rolling around? The wintery season often brings to mind the scent of mouth-watering cinnamon,  sinfully delicious cookies, and woody fireplaces crackling with life. These are all notes that you want to be encompassed in a perfume that you can wear all winter long! Your go-to winter fragrance should be something that represents you yet is not too overwhelming. As such, we have compiled a list of some of the best perfumes in winter that will leave you smelling amazing.

What Perfumes To Wear In Winter

Mercedes Benz Club Black by Mercedes-Benz

First up, if your looking for an eastern fragrance perfect for the wintertime and the men in your life, do consider Mercedes Benz Club Black by Mercedes-Benz.  With primary notes of ambroxan and vanilla, this scent is woody and intoxicating. That combined with alluring undertones of bergamot, jasmine, and spice leave an alluring scent that will greatly heighten a man’s physical attraction. Perfect as a seasonal gift, this scent is tailored for the festive time!

Aoud Lemon Mint by The House Mancera

Next, the Lemon Mint perfume by House Mancera is a light and airy perfume that is perfect for everyday wear. With notes of amber, jasmine, vanilla, and almond, this scent with leave you feeling fresh and floral! This is intertwined with hints of mandarin which works well with the primary lemon scent. This is a superb fragrance for crisp winter mornings and days with light snowfall. Versatile and casual enough for almost all occasions, this scent is a must-have for every girl’s winter perfume collection.

Good Girl EDP by Carolina Herrera

This sweet fragrance, upon the first whiff, smells like sweet vanilla, coffee, and tuberose. However, it has undertones of jasmine, orange blossom, and cacao which give the sent dimension and balance out the blend making it a unique and well-rounded scent. The woody aspects of it are moderated by the sweeter and lighter tones resulting in a perfume that is suitable for all, especially during the wintertime! Better yet, this perfume comes with delightful packaging since the bottle is shaped like an elegant high heel shoe. Truly something worthy of displaying on your vanity.

Light Blue for Women by Dolce & Gabbana

This classy yet captivating fragrance incorporates notes of apple, bamboo, cedarwood, white rose, and amber to give you a deliciously sweet blend of scents. Truly a feast for the senses! This Eau de Toilette has a more subtle scent meaning it is neither too strong nor too overpowering. This fragrance is a great option to pick up for the winter to envelop yourself in a warm and exquisitely delightful fragrance during the colder months.

Drop D'Issey by Issey Miyake

With gentle notes of rose and lilac alongside hints of star anise, orange blossom, and even vanilla, this perfume is a perfect winter fragrance for those who love sweet and floral scents. The powerful vanilla and musk are complemented by the sensual touches of orange blossom and cedarwood, leaving a sweet yet heady blend that is wonderful for all!

Winter perfumes can be a joy to discover and wear to help encapsulate the winter spirit. We hope this guide has been useful in helping you decide what to purchase next.

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