3 Best Perfumes For Bedtime

When you think of perfumes you think of events – the smell of the first pair of ballet shoes you wore, the fresh scent of your father’s aftershave as he got ready for work each morning, the overwhelmingly potent fragrance of your fifth-grade English teacher that made you wrinkle your nose just a tad. When you consider these vivid associations with perfumes, you hardly think about sleeping, well – not in the biblical sense at least! However, it’s definitely time to open your eyes and noses to the myriad perfumes for bedtime. Marilyn Monroe may have been the first to start the trend of wearing perfumes to bed but she need not be the last!

3 Best Perfumes For Bedtime

Why Should You Wear Perfumes to Bed?

The reasons for spritzing perfumes during the day are many but at night? Well, the list is endless. Firstly, perfumes play a huge role in enhancing one’s mood. Cells in a person’s nose have direct access to the limbic system of the brain which conveniently happens to be where we experience feelings. So, if you have had a stressful day, what better way to relax than dabbing on some perfume? Some essential oils are also useful for putting migraines or tension headaches to rest while others can help insomniacs have a better quantity and quality of sleep.

If you apply the right type of perfume, the scent usually lingers in the morning. The faint whiff of your preferred scent can instantaneously cheer you up and make you feel charged for the day ahead. Finally, if you are sharing your bed with a partner, perfumes can increase your sex appeal. Science speaks for itself. Pheromones, odorless chemicals that we use to attract partners, are used in perfumes to carry other scents! With a promising purpose, you should jump on the bandwagon – or rather, bed – with a perfume! While perfumes are an individual’s preference, these are the three best perfumes that are recommended for bedtime!

Lavender Perfume

Lavender is a scent that you absolutely do not want to miss out on. It is good for improving the symptoms of insomnia. This works by altering the electrical activity of the brain during one of the most important phases in the sleep cycle. The Lavender Extreme is a great example of a balanced lavender scent that is not only fresh but simulating.

Vanilla-based Scents

Vanilla may not sound especially exciting, but you cannot deny the cozy feeling it exudes. Vanilla is the quintessential smell of the bakery that you cannot help but love. Similarly, a vanilla fragrance is sure to put you in a peaceful slumber and ensure you are well-rested the next day. The Montale Dark Vanilla Eau De Parfum is a woody vanilla scent with notes of sandalwood and leather. This unisex option is great for gift-giving too!

Chamomile Fragrances

You may be used to drinking chamomile tea when you can’t fall asleep but what if you could partake of its benefits for a whole night? This Oud Silk Mood parfum is sure to wow you with its floral notes including rose and oud.

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