An Essential Guide To Vegan-Friendly Perfumes

If you are a vegan, you surely care a lot about the environment. That is why you have to find a vegan-friendly perfume instead of the regular ones. And if you are buying a gift for your vegan friend, you will want to make sure that the perfume is vegan so you do not accidentally offend them. It can be challenging to look for vegan products so it is good to find out more. There are many perfume brands around that offer vegan fragrances. Read on for a guide to vegan-friendly perfumes!

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What Are Vegan-Friendly Perfumes?

Vegan-friendly perfumes are perfumes that do not contain animal products including the following:

  • Musk

The musk odor is obtained from the glands of a male musk deer. The musk deer populations are now dangerously low as people have been hunting these deer for centuries in order to produce the scent found in fragrances.

  • Ambergris

Ambergris is a substance that originates from the sperm whale digestive secretions. It is used in both synthetic and natural perfumes. Whilst whales had to be caught in the past to obtain ambergris, now it can be collected as ocean waste instead of removing it directly from the animal. 

  • Civet

The Civet is an African cat-like animal. Its excretions are collected to be used in perfumery to create a velvety, floral scent. The collection is often done using cruel methods such as enclosing the animal in a cage.

  • Castoreum

This ingredient is taken from the castor sacs of beavers. Beavers were caught and then killed just to obtain this perfume extract, which resembles musk.

  • Kasturi

The kasturi is a secretion product from the male deer. It is sourced from a gland that is found between the deer’s back and rectum. The gland is usually removed entirely from the deer to be used as a fixative in perfumes.

Free From Animal Testing

Vegan-friendly perfumes would include being free from animal testing. Animal testing is a cruel process, where monkeys, cats, dogs, and rabbits are subjected to tests. Finding cruelty-free products can be tough because many factors come into play. You have to think about the following questions:

  • Does the company test finish products on animals?
  • Do they make use of ingredients from other companies that use animal testing?
  • Is the company owned by another corporation that does animal testing for other products?

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