Eau de Toilette vs. Eau de Parfum: Which To Choose?

One of our most evocative senses is smell, and fragrances are often intertwined with our memories and emotions. As such, perfumes are more than just scents, they are also akin to how people will remember you. Perfumes are complex products with a variety of elements that come into play, but one thing you should be sure to understand is Eau de Toilette vs. Eau de Parfum and their differences. Choosing the right scent is hard enough, but we are here to help clarify your doubts about the two! 

Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum Which To Choose

Do They Smell The Same? 

First up, you may be wondering if they smell the same. While both Eau de Toilettes and Eau de Parfums have similar notes, they differ in how they smell due to their concentrations. For example, a scent could have similar blends of orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose but Eau de Toilettes and Eau de Parfums have them in varying concentrations. As a general rule of thumb, Eau de Parfums have higher concentrations of a fragrance compared to Eau de Toilettes. As such, this can cause subtle but noticeable differences in fragrances. If you prefer lighter and airier scents, then perhaps Eau de Toilettes are more suitable for you. However, if you like scents that are stronger and bolder then Eau de Parfums are just what you need!  

Which Lasts Longer?

Continuing from the previous point, Eau de Parfums should generally be longer lasting than Eau de Toilettes mainly due to their higher concentrations. However, it is important to be aware that different notes have differing periods of longevity, meaning some notes last longer than others. It would be impossible to compare whether a citrusy Eau de Toilette lasts longer than a woody Eau de Parfum since citrusy and floral scents tend to evaporate faster than other notes. Furthermore, the longevity of a scent depends less on the type of scent and more on the wearer. Scents have unique formulas that react differently to the wearer. Since scents adhere to oils, a wearer with oilier skin is likely to have scents that last longer compared to someone who has drier skin. Hence, if you belong to the latter, then an Eau de Parfum would be more suitable for you. 

When Do I Wear Each Type? 

We have all had our senses assaulted by a stranger on public transport who was wearing a scent so overpowering it was overwhelming and distracting. To avoid going overboard with fragrances, it is important to know when to wear what. In the hotter summer months, an Eau de Toilette is generally a better choice as their lighter concentrations are often fresher and lighter. Likewise, in colder weather, the richer and fuller-bodied Eau de Parfums are perfect.

For both fragrances, you can simply spray them directly onto your pulse points such as your neck or wrist before leaving the house. If you want a stronger blend, then feel free to spray a spritz into the air and walk through it for a deeper scent. 

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