Your Guide To Fragrance Concentrations

At some point in our lives, we have all walked in a giant departmental store, perhaps for Christmas shopping or just for leisure. Have you noticed that there is a lingering scent in the air? In fact, malls are specially designed to smell good to entice patrons to stay for longer. You may also be familiar with deodorants – a quick spritz of it after gym class would save your schoolmates from your odor.

Do you notice that the smell of deodorants tends to fade away rather quickly while your departmental store smell seems to linger on almost indefinitely? This is due to fragrance concentrations. Knowing the intricacies of this will help you in your quest to smell nice.

Your Guide To Fragrance Concentrations

What Are Fragrance Concentrations?

The terminology surrounding perfumes need not only be used, appreciated, and understood by perfume connoisseurs. In fact, we as patrons can and should recognize the pros and cons of various fragrance concentrations. Quite simply, they are the amount of essential oils that are present in your perfume. As a general rule, the higher the fragrance concentration, the higher the price point as there is a greater intensity of the smell. Higher concentrations of perfumes tend to be oilier and last longer. They have lower alcoholic content too which is perfect for those who have sensitive skin or are eczema-prone. Conversely, perfumes with lower concentrations are more water-based, less oily, and tend to last for shorter durations. Their alcohol content also tends to be higher. According to experts, perfumes with higher concentrations are more winter-friendly while the lighter perfumes with lower concentrations are suitable for spring. This is not a hard and fast rule, however, as the seasonal perfumes you wear should also suit your personality.

Perfumes with Low Fragrance Concentrations

The perfume with the lowest concentrations is the Eau Fraiche. It is also known as aftershave and has a concentration of less than 3%. They are useful for personal grooming, especially for men. A related perfume like the Eau de Cologne has a slightly higher concentration of up to 8% and lasts about 2 hours. These perfumes may not last you very long but they will not break the bank for sure. They are ideal for a fresh and clean scent and can be paired with perfumes of high concentrations for a more layered olfactory effect.

Perfumes with High Fragrance Concentrations

On the other end of the spectrum, we have perfumes like the parfum with about 20 to 30% of fragrance concentrations. They can last for more than 12 hours and usually cost a pretty penny. The Eau De Parfum, with a concentration between 15 to 20%, is far more common than the former. It lasts for slightly shorter but has the best value for money. There is a right perfume for every occasion and no single concentration is inherently superior to another. It’s truly all about getting that balance right!

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