What Men Think About Women Who Wear Perfumes

Imagine this: You wake up in the morning, take a shower, and prep yourself for a day out. Make up? Check. Cute dress? Check. Perfume? Check. With your travel size perfume safely tucked in your handbag, you breezed out the front door, leaving a wonderful sillage behind.

Here’s the million-dollar question: What goes through a man’s mind when a lady walks past him and leaves a perfume trail behind? More often than not, women are curious about what the opposite sex thinks about the perfume they wear. Well, we’re here to answer your question. Read on to find out what men think about women who wear perfumes.

Men Love Women Who Wear Fresh and Light Scents

Many men enjoy it when women wear light and fresh fragrances. Having a light and fresh scent on you can make little moments more pleasurable and memorable. For example, when your partner leans in to speak to you, catching a whiff of your lovely scent will always trigger a positive response in him.

Women Who Wear Perfumes Can Make Men Stop in Their Tracks

Men will take notice when women wear perfumes. This is especially so if you have a signature scent that is pleasant and uniquely yours. There have been occasions where men literally stopped in their tracks because they had been entranced by a perfume scent. Recent research also revealed that perfumes can change the way men view women – men are rating women who wear perfumes as being more attractive!

Women Who Wear Men’s Perfume are Sexy

Many men are highly attracted to their partners who are confident enough to wear their perfume. In many cases, women have tried layering floral fragrances with peppery or musky notes found in men’s perfume. This creative blend of fragrances often shrouds you in mystery and add to your allure. To most men, they find this floral scent with masculine notes really sexy. 

Men Do Not Like Gourmand Scents

Gourmand scents are fragrances that smell like food. These scents are often sweet and smell like edible sweets and desserts. Even though some men may like them, the majority of men feel that women are better off without such scents. To men, smells like butterscotch, chocolate, and caramel are better off as home fragrances and should belong in products like candles and essential oils. They do not want their women smelling like sweet and delicious desserts.

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